About Me

As a son of four generations of chefs and hotel managers,
I represent old traditions and modern hospitality.
To me, it’s all about creating a sense of harmony through research and continuous learning.
My mission is to provide people with unforgettable memories.

Name by Name

I was born in the Italian Alps in 1988 and grew up in my family hotel. I started to work in a kitchen when I was only 14 years old with my dad and my grandma, who teached me all the secrets of Northern Italian food, especially games and alpine spices. On the other hand, I learned how to cook Sicilian food from my mum, who is an expert of fish and veggies. At the age of 18, my curiosity for different culinary cultures was the reason why I moved from country to country.  First I went to Spain, where I had the chance to experience different styles of Mediteranean food, with an extra touch of Arabic taste. Then I travelled to Soho in London, where I worked as executive chef in a restaurant for about two years. Later, I lived in Germany, China and Holland and Austria. I attended  a MBA program in Groningen, where I met Femke, my life inspiration. Today you can find me back in Italy at Hotel La Vetta as Hotel Director. Bye